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More enquiries, more customers, more sales 

Google Ads are a key factor to your success. This customer acquisition channel has long been a must if you want to make your online marketing strategy a success and push the presence of your website.

We develop your strong individual concept for ads on Google together with you. The goal: considerably increase your leads, sales and revenue with Google Ads. Why are we the right partner for this? Because we have already planned and implemented hundreds of successful Google Ads campaigns. We know exactly what is important and align the campaign optimally with your business goals.

We are your guide by your side, making sure that your advertising budget pays off. We know every nook and cranny of Google Ads, from keyword selection and well thought out ad copy to optimised landing pages. Your benefit: your advertising budget is used and utilised in the best possible way.

As a Google partner and freelance AdWords specialists, we guarantee you 100% Google Ads expertise, uncomplicated communication and a top price/performance ratio.

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Targeted traffic

We place your ads exactly when there is a clear demand for your services (based on matching search terms on Google). Using keywords, keyword exclusions, geographical restrictions and much more, we are able to address your target group with great precision.

Measurable ROI

You only pay for the clicks on your ads and quickly know what it costs to achieve conversions, i.e. your goals. Our Google Ads optimisations aim for a high ROI, so the lowest possible advertising cost per conversion (enquiries, transactions, etc.). We determine your monthly advertising expenditure according to your specifications.

Low entry costs

We arrange for a quick campaign setup so that you can see and measure the first results after a short time. We recommend starting with the promotion of your core offer and then expanding your Google Ads on the basis of incoming data. In this way, you achieve first successes with manageable effort.

We monitor all campaign details

Clever Google Ads optimisation

Keywords & match types

We research the most valuable keywords for your business. We only include the really relevant keywords that perfectly reflect your offer in the campaign. We also use so-called match types to avoid irrelevant clicks.

Landing pages

Traffic is only useful if it is targeted. Straying visitors and high bounce rates are counterproductive. Therefore, we support you in optimally aligning your landing pages with the respective topic. In this way your landing pages pick up visitors immediately - and lead to high conversion rates.

Campaign structure

We attach great importance to this optimisation and ensure that each keyword fits perfectly to the respective ad. Too many different keywords in one ad group have a negative impact on the relevance of your ads. A tidy campaign structure is a prerequisite for your success with Google Ads.

Negative keywords

In your Google Ads, you can also include so-called negative keywords, i.e. keywords that should not trigger your ad on purpose. This increases the relevance of your website visitors - and indirectly also the conversion rate.

Ad texts & ad formats

Your goal is a high click-through rate. To do this, we formulate advertising texts that encourage your target group to click. Your Google Ads should perfectly reflect your offer and address potential customers clearly. The perfect mix of different ad formats shouldn't be missing.

Bid adjustments

We keep a close eye on your ongoing campaigns. Based on the incoming data, we take care of sensible bid adjustments, for example with regard to location, time or device, in order to get the maximum success out of your advertising budget.

Ad extensions

Of course, we use all the potential to make your ads on Google even more eye-catching. This includes, for example, phone extensions, images and site links.

Tracking & reporting

Regular reportings show you what we have achieved with your Google Ads. We determine your exact goals (for example, contact, downloads or sales) with you beforehand.

Become a high-flyer on Google

AdWords Consultation 

You already run Google Ads, yet you wish to get even more out of them? Looking for a more targeted use of your advertising budget or want to finally see real success? As certified Google Ads specialists, we guarantee you Google Ads at the highest level. We take your existing campaign success into our hands and turn you into a high-flyer.

We keep a close eye on your competition and any changes in the market at all times. We also take a close look at your ads performance and continuously optimise it based on the incoming data. This brings you cost-efficient ads on Google, more visibility for your business and, above all, more leads, sales and growth.

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There are different paths out of the jungle 

Google Ads campaign types

Are you aiming to make your online marketing strategy truly successful? Then Google Ads are a must as a sales channel. Searching for information about services and products on Google before buying has long become standard for your potential customers. As professional Google AdWords specialists, we help you to considerably expand your reach and noticeably increase your brand awareness. We achieve your goals on Google Ads via various campaign types, which we use individually depending on the campaign goal and the offer of your company. Find out more here.

The classic Google search ads are a path to success in almost every Google Ads account. Billions of people search for specific services and products on Google every day. Placing you and your offer right here and now with an ad makes potential customers aware of your brand and your company.

Our tip: don’t necessarily link the ad to your homepage, but to a relevant subpage of your website so that users immediately find what they are looking for.



Do you want to draw attention to specific products? Google Search is an effective sales channel for you as an e-commerce company or your online shop. With Google Shopping Ads, your products and images are directly visible on Google. We support you in setting up the Google Merchant Center and optimally position a shopping feed.

Our tip: take advantage of our years of experience with numerous successful Google Ads campaigns for online shops. We show you what really works and how users find your products in their search.

Two is better than one, even with Google Ads. With remarketing, it is possible to reach certain user groups again. With dynamic remarketing for online shops, we show shopping cart cancellers the product that is in the shopping cart for 30 days, for example. Or we can contact users again who have visited a certain subpage of your website (for example, with a discount promotion). Remarketing lists are generated by tracking your website visitors via cookies and assigning them to the corresponding remarketing list.

Our tip: draw the attention of previous buyers to a new product in your shop - this is how users who already know your company keep you in mind.

With creative ads in the Google ad network, your potential customers will also be able to find you on other websites, apps or on YouTube. The reach and branding opportunities for your business are particularly high here. We have access to a wide range of ad formats - from classic text ads to banners and video formats.

Our tip: the more eye-catching and appealing, the higher the click rates.

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