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Whoever gets found more easily, gets more attention. Whoever delivers relevant content, inspires more website visitors. Those who don't slack off win more customers.

Statistics show: Over 95 percent of Google users merely pay attention to the first ten positions of the search results. So how do you get to the top?

With added value for your users. "Google is looking for unique value" says the gigantic search engine about itself. Which other factors are important for Google and its rankings, we will gladly explain to you during an SEO consultation.

We take you through the SEO jungle to the top. With hands-on equipment and a backpack full of provisions - because SEO needs your stamina and resilience.

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User intention: What users want

Analysing what your target group is searching for on Google (keyword analysis) - and understanding the intention behind each search term is the basis for all SEO optimisation.

User engagement: How users behave

Visitors to your website should find what they are looking for. Answers, offers, everything that appeals to them because that's how they stay with you instead of leaving your site immediately. Low bounce rates and high user engagement almost always mean better rankings. ROAAR!

User conversions: How users get to their destination

The purpose and goal of search engine optimisation is clear: You want your website to be visible at the top of Google for relevant search terms, generate more traffic and successfully increase your leads. Simply put: more calls, more inquiries, more sales.

The law of the SEO jungle

Be seen and be found

Statistically proven, more than 95% of Google users only pay attention to the first 10 positions. "Google is looking for unique value. And it is exactly this "value" that we deliver for your website. We know Google's ranking factors inside out and we know that it all depends on user behaviour.

C. 99% of all organic clicks are being made on positions 1 to 10. (Source: Sistrix)

The first ranking on page 2 (Position 11) only gets 0,17% of all organic clicks. (Source: Sistrix)

Nobody really searches and clicks here.

Our SEO services

Baring teeth in the SEO jungle
Great overview in the SEO jungle

These SEO measures will take you to the top

Keyword Research

The basis for your way to the top: a detailed keyword research. We find the most relevant keywords for your service and also consider the search volume and competition. Once this is done, we move on to the next step.

On-Page SEO

Extend your claws for killer results: After our comprehensive SEO analysis, we know where your website stands. We take a close look at all factors relevant for Google rankings and leave no detail out. Our strong SEO package provides the basis for top rankings in all search engines with clever on-page optimisation.

SEO-Snippets & Co.

We take care of the technical adjustments using our extensive experience and expertise. Source code elements such as page title, meta description and schema data, alt texts for images and appropriate headings, sitemap and top loading times position you and your website optimally strengthened in the SEO jungle.

King Content

The tiger is the king of the jungle. Strong, powerful, adaptable and at the same time distinctive - that's exactly how the content of your website should be, so that it puts customers on your track. We define the outcome as Tiger Traffic: lots of power leads from people who find what they are looking for in your content.

King of the Jungle

SEO with a bite

Mobile SEO

Whether on the road or at home on the couch: Mobile first is the motto. The use of mobile devices has increased rapidly. Mobile SEO is therefore a central topic in search engine optimisation. Responsive web design ensures that your site is displayed well and is user-friendly on all devices.

Flawless usability (e.g. button sizes, spacing, content display) on smartphones as well as fast loading times (core web vitals) for mobile users have an impact on your Google rankings.

We support you in the redesign of your content or the smart optimisation of structure and performance.

Off Page SEO

Besides your website, links from external pages are also important for SEO. Backlinks are your references, so to speak, and Google rewards that. We build quality backlinks for your website, from relevant sources for your optimal networking in the SEO jungle.

Clear view in the SEO jungle

Frequently asked questions about SEO

SEO helps you to successfully counter the dynamics of Google & Co. Only those who consistently keep up with the latest developments, updates and trends will succeed and make an impact. Good SEO is certainly not a matter of luck. Quite the contrary, there are even very specific guidelines and they have to be taken into account. That's what we do: so that your website gets to the top. And preferably stays there. Time and again, we are asked similar questions in the course of our work. Find the answers to them here.

Let's briefly clarify the abbreviation: It stands for Search Engine Optimisation. These three letters cover all the measures we use to bring your website to the top of the Google rankings. The better your position in the search results, the better you will be found - and your website clicked on. This is achieved above all by offering exactly what visitors want in terms of content: ROAAR. A direct hit.

More potential customers on your website increases the chance of more enquiries and leads - thus successful SEO has a direct impact on the revenue development of companies. 

It depends. Do you have the time, desire and nerve to deal with SEO in detail? Then why not go for it? We are happy to work hand in hand with you and your team. We offer you our services on a consultative basis, and yet practically with precise information on what you should adjust on your website. We also give your webmaster or technical team detailed information on plugins and other optimisation options. We actively involve many of our clients in the SEO work, on the one hand this has a positive effect on your SEO budget, on the other hand you learn which aspects you should pay special attention to in the future with new website content.

Counter question: What does a jungle safari cost? You can probably already see what we're getting at. There is no "one price" for such a dynamic field as SEO. The cost of successful search engine optimisation depends on numerous factors, such as your industry and the size of your website. Let's talk about what budget you have set aside for SEO and what can be achieved with it. You are well-versed in the use of technology? Then you can, for example, make some adjustments yourself on our recommendation. We will be happy to make you an individual offer.

Even the last letter shows that there is a difference. In fact, a huge difference. Optimisation (SEO) refers to the organic search results (the natural search results on Google), i.e. we ensure that you are found in the best possible way with relevant content. We do what pleases users and Google and thus continuously achieve better positions in the Google search results.

SEA (e.g. Google Ads) is about targeted advertising (the A stands for Ads or Search Engine Advertising). With Google Ads, you pay to be prominently displayed in the search results. This requires clever keyword management and an advertising budget, because as a website operator you pay for every click of a user. The advantage: We can bring potential customers to your website at the click of a button!

Of course, one does not exclude the other. With the combination of both channels, you have the greatest power for more visibility in Google search results.

Let's start with the second part of the question: SEO is never "completed". Because, search engines like Google are constantly oriented to user behaviour and search results change constantly.

How long an SEO optimization takes depends on many factors: How well or poorly does your website currently rank? How strong are your competitors on Google?

The competition usually does not sleep, so SEO should be seen as an ongoing process. In most cases, however, significant ranking improvements can be achieved with an initial optimization. It can take a few months until the corresponding measures take effect and show their impact.

Your ranking on

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Your ranking on Google

Start your climb to the top Google search results now. Keep cool: We know Google's ranking factors inside out and therefore know what matters. Because quality SEO takes time and a good strategy. With the right SEO advice and personal guide, you consistently take the path towards top results.

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