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To succeed with content marketing in the age of Google's machine-based algorithms, two words are your guide: user engagement. In other words, everything users do on your site, how they engage with your content and for how long.

Getting them to do so works when your content has bite and answers. Answers to the questions that users bring with them. If everything interlocks and visitors are guided to their destination in a relaxed manner, you will notice this immediately in your ranking position.
As an experienced content marketing agency, we ensure that the needs of your visitors are optimally met with a holistically conceived content concept that is thought through from start to finish.

Content and coconuts

Tough to crack, super valuable 

High-quality content, from text to video, carries more value than the senseless oversupply on the web. Excellent content, on the other hand, draws the attention of your target group to you and makes you successful in the long term. Granted, really good content is a tough nut to crack. But the work pays off and your ranking result will show it, because quality content is the core of a successful SEO strategy. As content marketing experts and creators, we support you with creative content and increased attention: We'll team up with you.

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Content creation

We make sure that you offer relevant content in the right channels - consistently, creatively and rigorously tailored to your target group. From texts, of course SEO optimised, to creative ideas for content elements matching your offer.

Content presentation

Storytelling, layout, images, video: We make sure that your content gets attention and reaches your target group. Who likes to read metre-long texts? Modern (SEO) content requires more: Relevance and the right web elements.

Content optimisation

Does your website already rank with some landing pages? Well, we analyse that and use your existing content as a basis for further optimisation. Above all, we develop ideas to further increase your content relevance. Because this is where it all comes down to your potential customers taking the bait - and thus Google as well.

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Content well ahead of the crowd 

Gone are the days of keyword cluttered websites - thankfully. Nowadays, Google is interested in relevant content, individually designed. Smart content makes you stand out from the crowd as opposed to your products or services just being part of the overall noise. In this way, you offer everything that engages prospective buyers, answers their questions and solves their problems.

By doing so, you establish a basis that generates trust - which is rewarded with the loyalty of visitors and their decision to buy.

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Quality content for your target group

Content of more value

Quality content 

... is only a big hit if it appeals to the right people. And this is by no means the case with text alone.
Images, infographics, videos, interactive elements...content can and should come in many forms.
The rule is, of course, not to get lost in the jungle of a thousand possibilities. As content marketing experts, we keep the goal in mind and the right mix under control. We are knowledgeable about the most diverse methods and are particularly creative, since the main thing is that it's not boring.

Content strategy

Which methods and formats are best for you? We will find out together with you. The optimal mix depends on various factors; your target group, your communication goals and channels are just some of the factors that influence your content strategy.

Content marketing experts

Our services for you:

  • Quality content creation: geared to your target group
  • Appealing content presentation: storytelling, layout, images and multimedia elements
  • SEO optimisation of your content so that your content is also found on Google
  • Content optimisation for your business goals: for more customers and top conversion rates
Your content marketing benefits 

Content marketing as part of your SEO strategy 

How are content marketing and SEO connected? We provide you with a clear view into the jungle of claims and look at what content marketing can do for you.

Strengthening important pages via internal links is one of the most important steps on the way to the top of the search results. Dynamic content always offers new opportunities for internal linking. For example: a blog on which you regularly publish content.

And of course, quality content also promotes external links (backlinks) - other bloggers and websites willingly like to link to top content. This is a genuine sign of trust and Google sees it that way too!

We emphasise it again and again because it's so important: user engagement. High-quality content keeps users on your site - because, remember, the content offers added value for the visitor. When users find what they are looking for on your site, they stay longer and/or get to what they want faster (getting in touch!). This shows Google that the content is relevant. And that has a positive effect on your ranking. Videos are especially powerful.


The entire website loaded with great content - finished? As you might have guessed, it's not that simple. Quite the opposite. Google loves novelty. For you, this means that you must regularly provide fresh content on your site. A lively website attracts the attention of the search engine. Well suited: Blog, magazine, news pages.

Dynamic content marketing allows you to position yourself as an expert in your field. This applies to almost every topic, including products that need to be described. People who perceive you as a professional will think of you more quickly when they are looking for a solution. Once you have gained their trust, users thank you by making a purchase decision and recommending you to others, because they feel they are in good hands with you.

Trust plays a central role in content marketing. Especially if it is to positively influence your SEO. How do you create trust on the web in addition to your website? With high-quality content that is also relevant outside of your site. Because social networks always create (and want) new content and this in turn ensures more clicks to your pages. If you use this connection cleverly, it strengthens your content marketing concept just as much as your social media strategy. In addition efforts are kept low, because you can quickly reuse good content.

Why is the power of content marketing important? Because, as mentioned above, you build trust and turn visitors into prospects and eventually into buyers. Through the content on your site and your social media channels, you stay in touch with potential customers, pass on valuable knowledge to them and provide answers to their questions. This strengthens your relationship, which in turn boosts your conversion rates.

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