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SEO copywriting that is fun to read 

SEO text 

Once upon a time, there were endless keyword deserts and the belief that Google could be tricked with an excessive number of "relevant" words. That's long gone - and SEO copywriting in the traditional sense no longer exists. Or in other words, shouldn't exist any more. Google notices (based on user behaviour) what is intended to be achieved (or more accurately, not achieved) and consequently punishes keyword stuffing, compulsive text lengths and irrelevant content.

What does exist, however, are varying degrees in text quality. Text that website visitors like to read is good for your search engine rating. Google & Co. reward positive user signals. 

We are convinced of the importance of good text. Top SEO copywriting, perfectly tailored to your target group, your services and yourself, are second nature to us.

Smart keywords

Now the issue of overly dense keyword stuffing is settled. Nevertheless, keywords are still very important and their placement is vital, especially within certain elements. There is a lot to consider. Use a focus keyword and pay attention to synonyms and content-related words in your copy. We will find out which terms and keywords could be relevant for you within our keyword analysis.

Creative content

Time and again it crosses your path and for good reason. High-quality content is your way out of the SEO jungle: with unique content, you set yourself and your website apart from the competition. Unique content is key. How do you attract attention to your topic? By creating text that conveys content in a simple, easy, creative... in any case, in a very special way.


Clear search intention

Unique content should go hand in hand with whatever your users are looking for - and hopefully find with you. Your content is the answer to what users want. Content that exactly matches the search intention of your users becomes the most important part of your SEO strategy and one of the most important ranking factors. Website copy that we write is primarily oriented towards the user intention. So that your SEO copy will ultimately please your users, but also Google.

No monkey chatter but ...

Clear words

Our editors and copywriters are SEO-trained. This means they know what Google wants, how a text or content ranks, how to increase the time readers spend on a page, how to keep the suspense, how to lead the reader from one point to the next and thus increase click-through rates and/or sales.

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Straightforward text in the SEO jungle

Value-added communication

Quality SEO content

When creating new websites or relaunching an existing website, generally a certain quantity of texts is needed for the predefined landing pages. We create creative, SEO-optimised text, perfectly aligned with your target group.

Topic ideas and fresh content

Your blog or news feed thrive on diversity. Does that mean you'll eventually run out of ideas at some point? Employing professional keyword analysis, we research topics, organise your editorial plan and provide you with suggestions for possible content. Sensible internal links are always taken into consideration.

SEO text for your website

We deliver search engine optimised texts via Word file, so that you only have to integrate the texts on your website. We are also happy to orientate ourselves on the existing web elements to ensure upfront that texts can be adapted to the corresponding existing text area.

SEO copywriting that radiates quality

If you prefer inspired SEO text, you've come to the right place! Contact us and let's discuss possible texts for your project.


Relevant copy for your target group 

Keyword analysis as the foundation  

Thorough keyword analysis 

No clue yet which search terms to include in your website copy? Which pages or menu items you need? And what does relevant content actually look like? All these are important fundamental considerations for a successful SEO strategy. We support you with every step.

SEO optimisation of existing copy

Within the framework of SEO optimisation, we analyse your existing content and the associated rankings. Based on this, we also use your existing texts, build on them, modify them or optimise them for even more SEO power.

SEO on-page factors

Meta tags such as title tags and meta descriptions also belong to the textual SEO fundamentals. We make sure that everything is worded in an appealing style and gets users to click on your website. You also need text for images: matching file names and so-called alt tags, i.e. the descriptions of the images in the source code provide additional SEO power.

Text that strengthens your SEO efforts:

  • always have your target group in mind
  • combine information and emotion
  • integrate keywords, yet sound natural
  • are unique
  • support your conversions (objectives)




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