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Get your social media concept off the ground

Looking for effective hands-on social media advice? You're on the right track: we advise you on practical steps and show you how to become more visible in social networks. With the right social media strategy, you can increase your reach, strengthen your brand, acquire new customers and maintain a lively dialogue with existing customers.

Your confident social media presence is an important aspect of your overall online marketing strategy. As social media experts we support you in this: together we develop your social media strategy, aligned with your business values and goals. This allows you to implement your social media activities yourself and draw attention to your business in a targeted manner.

Social media editorial planning

Another post? But what exactly? With a creative editorial plan, you have answers instead of questions. We support you in compiling interesting topics and exciting content that fits your offer and makes your target group curious again and again. Good for: stress-free posting.

Imagery and texts

Your well-defined content needs a consistent style without becoming boring. How do you do that? With varied image ideas and discreet branding. We provide you with creative ideas that make your posts visually distinctive - combined with entertainingly worded texts that appeal to exactly the right people. Good for: an unmistakable appearance.

Social Ads

The plan is in place, the content is designed - and then? Now it's worth promoting your Facebook and Instagram posts to noticeably increase the interaction and reach of your social media activities. Sensibly designed campaigns help you to expand your fan numbers and follower base, generate traffic and drive conversions via social media. Good for: healthy growth.

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Social media consultancy 

Always one step ahead with editorial plans and more

Creative posts

No boring, repetitive blah blah, instead charming wording - perfectly tailored to your target group: we take care of your post texts. From entertaining to informative, so that your posts always fit you and your company.

Topics & content

How do you arouse the interest of your target group? With creativity, imaginative and varied posts and content on social media that are meaningfully connected to your offer. We create a long-term creative social media editorial plan for you.

Imagery & design

To ensure that your presence on the various social media channels match each other, your website and your company, it's important to have a strong recognition value and discreet branding. Instagram collages, Facebook layouts, Pinterest boards and more. We create suitable templates for you that make you distinct on social media.

Ad manager training

Social ads are a good way to promote your posts on Facebook, Insta & Co. effectively. We show you everything you need to know to make your advertising successful, boosting reach and interaction.

How to catch the eye of your customers

Social media with recognition value 

Random posts without a strategy? That won't get you anywhere and your customers won't react to it. Much better: smart social media activities. We help you to stand out with posts, pins and clever campaigns. With our experience in social media marketing, we draw attention to you - based on data and in line with your business goals. So that every post fits you, always with an eye on the recognition value of your business.

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Individual social media strategies

Which social channel suits me and my goals?

It's best to decide depending on the target group. Average age, location and user interests are just some of the factors to consider. Content and images also play an important role. Most importantly, act in a way that suits the social channel. Some focus on information, others set high standards for images and design (such as Pinterest and Instagram).

Organic posts vs. Promoted posts

The algorithms of the social networks now ensure that you only achieve very low reach organically, i.e. without advertising, and that only a few users even see your posts. We will show you how to use your social media advertising budget effectively - so that your efforts with creative posts pay off.

How do I get traffic and conversions?

Targeted social media ads can also be used to support other online marketing goals: e.g. more website visitors, video views or e-commerce transactions. Together with you, we set up the most important social media campaigns for your goals.

Our social media services:

  • your smart social media strategy
  • your individual social media concepts
  • cross-platform editorial plans
  • Social media texts
  • Facebook Ads Manager training
  • Pinterest Ads Manager training

Achieve more with social ads 

More reach, more Interaction, more conversions 

Facebook Ads Manager

Now you want to place ads on Facebook, but you don't know where and how? We'll show you the application possibilities with Facebook Business Manager - from testing different target groups and conversion tracking to creative ideas for ad design. We'll familiarise you with the ads manager and help you create your campaigns.

Pinterest advertising

Pins can be promoted via the Pinterest ad manager. Even with a small budget, you can make a big difference here - reach and interaction can be multiplied, you become more present with your target group. We show you the most important tips and tricks for successful campaign management on Pinterest.

Facebook and Instagram ads

Incoming data shows us where there is potential to optimise your campaigns. We find the most effective target groups for your offer, create the perfect sales funnel across different campaign formats and show you how to get more power for your Facebook ads.

Custom audiences and lookalikes

Turn your social channels into a power platform for more customer loyalty and strong acquisition. The ad managers from Facebook and Pinterest are so powerful that you can even address specific user groups explicitly: users who are already reacting to your content and interacting with you, users who are very similar to your followers or fans. The possibilities are diverse - we show you what works best for your campaign goals.  

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